FPT Research Group – Inaugural Conference

FPT Research Group – Call for Research Contributions

Inaugural Free Public Transport Conference – Birmingham Britannia Hotel, October 16th, 11am – 5pm
A message from Bob Jeffery (Research Coordinator)

The national Campaign for Free Public Transport has now set a date and booked a venue for our inaugural conference. Taking a somewhat broader approach than has been outlined in previous communications, we now wish to invite any and all academic speakers who wish to debate the merits of Free Public Transport specifically, but also issues around transport and society more broadly. Core themes are as follows:

*Evaluating Public Transport in UK
*Transport Economics
*Transport and Social Inclusion
*Transport and Climate Change
*Evaluating the merits of public transport subsidies
*Campaigning on Transport Issues

Papers should be no more than 15 minutes in length and care should be taken to make them accessible to a lay audience. The ‘academic conference’ is only one component of the inaugural conference for free public transport in the UK. There will also be sessions on campaigning and activism, as well as contributions from political parties, trade unions and other groups. The purpose of academic papers is to help inform delegates about key issues around public transport, the environment, economics and social justice in the UK (though of course we are open to examples from abroad) and to help frame the wider debate that will take place around the shape of the campaign.

Non-academics also welcome!
While at the campaign we are looking for the best, most rigorous and multi-faceted understandings of the public transport challenge, the interactions between transport and spatial planning, the impacts of transport on the environment, and on the difference transport makes to the lives of individuals and social groups, we also welcome the contribution of non-academics who may be interested in supporting the aims of the research group by assisting us with the collection of evidence, by building up case studies on public transport in various local areas, or those who may have worked in the transport industries and have specialist knowledge. To find out more just send me an email at the following address: fptresearchgroup@googlemail.com

Alternatively, if you feel you would rather contribute to the activism aspect of the campaign for free public transport, please get in touch with Roy Wilkes: roywilkes59@talktalk.net

For more information about the wider campaign please see the following site:





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