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My name is Bob Jeffery I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Salford exploring the links between mobility and inequality in deprived neighbourhoods. Transport is only one aspect of my research and I am also interested in themes of residential mobility and migration. I have further interests in social research methods (qualitative and quantitative) and urban studies and social theory more generally. My research profile can be found at:

***** Postponement of Inaugural Free Public Transport Conference – Invitations to submit article to an edited collection *****

Apologies and Update It is with regret that I announce a postponement of the Inaugural Campaign for Free Public Transport conference, due to take place in Birmingham on Saturday the 16th of October. While the Campaign has seen some great … Continue reading

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Further Abstract: The Economic Benefits of Free Public Transport (Raphie de Santos)

“Most of the arguments for free public transport (FPT) focus on the environmental benefits and the enrichment of people’s lives by allowing them to travel no matter their financial situation. However, it brings many economic benefits to wider society. For … Continue reading

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Further Abstract – Dr Gideon Calder – Mobility, Social Exclusion and the Ethics of Transport

“Reports on social exclusion have highlighted that mobility – in the form of everyday access to transport – is unequally distributed, and the source of quite drastic inequalities.  It is intimately tied up with wider patterns of social exclusion.  And … Continue reading

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A further abstract: The Social Provision of Sustainable Urban Mobility (Dr Peter Cox)

The Social Provision of Sustainable Urban Mobility: an overview “Sustainable urban mobility poses a number of important challenges for the way we understand and the values we attach to public life and the spaces in our cities. How we seek … Continue reading

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A further abstract (individualism and the car)…

Alexander Berthelsen of Sweden’s premier free public transport campaigners in a paper that raises ideas about ethics, ideology, urban politics and practical activism: Abstract: “The current traffic hierarchy, with the car on top and with public transport, bikers and … Continue reading

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Another abstract for the October conference

Rebecca Steinbach of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Rebecca Steinbach is a Research Fellow in the Department of Social and Environmental Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her research interests are in transport … Continue reading

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First abstract in for the research section of the conference

Jonathan Tyler of Passenger Transport Networks He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies in the University of Leeds and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute … Continue reading